The African Presidential Leadership Center (APLC) is a South Africa-based Non-Government organization that has a continental focus and acts on a global scale. Our research, projects and programmes offer unique insights into contemporary trends and developments in Africa, with an emphasis on connecting former African leaders with the continent's next generation of leaders.

The Mission

The idea behind the African Presidential Leadership Center is simple. Democracy is trending in the right direction on the continent. A cadre of anchor states are leading the way. These anchor states have been led by a generation of leaders that are the personification of the trend toward democratization and free market reform that is driving the continent’s progress, growth, and development.

These states and statesmen form both the focus and a principal resource for our research and dialogues on the continent’s most pressing challenges as well as understanding fully the continent’s potential.

Africa's Anchor States

There are currently sixteen nations-states that are anchoring Africa's forward movement. Although these sixteen countries represent approximately one third of the nation-states in sub-saharan Africa, these countries are the most heavily popuplated, with approximately 650 million people! For a profile of this "sweet 16" of Africa's most promising countries, click on the the flags below.

Africa's Democratically Elected and Retired Leaders

Beginning in the late-1950's, Africa's revolutionary generation of the leaders banned together to free a colonized continent. The common question that united them was - "How do we get our contries back?" The following generation of leaders understood they had a different challenge and that was -"now that we have our countries back, how do we make them work?" Making their countries work meant furthering democratization and growing opportunity economies. The gallery of those leaders is catalogued below.

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